Road trip to Portugal

A road trip is a trip on the road. This kind of journey is usually undertaken with a motorized vehicle, such as a car, motorcycle or camper van, to a specific final destination. This is what Wikipedia says. When it comes to out-and-out driving enjoyment, nothing beats a road trip. No matter what your final destination, driving just for the sake of it is a great way to see more of the world in my opinion. I made many, many roadtrips so far and yes it's always in a car. Otherwise I would call it a walk. This time slowly, slowly to Belgium, France and Spain to my final destination Portugal. To visit a dear friend. An d back again.

Toledo Olé

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Every roadtrip should start in Belgium

Toen ik nog een klein jongetje was met nog niet veel kilometers op de teller nam mijn vader ons eens in de drie weken mee op een roadtrip naar België. Dat was best wel uitzonderlijk voor die tijd, mid...
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