Time for Good Old Cruising

Suddenly it was time for cruising. And where is the best place to do that? In The United States of America. The last time (2018) it was to gauge the mood in Trump country (Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Minnesota) and now it's really just about nature. There must still be gems to be found in the region with the well-trodden paths. Booked the bare essentials; the flight and the car, and quickly arrange the Esta application for access to the country. You would have thought so. Turned down! No access! After more than fifty visits to this country, I thought that they would know me and would grant me access with all due respect. So no. In 2015 I had visited Iran and that was very wrong. For a lot of money and a lot more effort and time I had to apply for a visa. At the consulate in Amsterdam. I was approved there. I wouldn't pose a threat to the USA when I visited, the consulate lady said at the end of the interview. That's what the call for admission is called.

Back to the USA

Opeens was het tijd voor cruisen. En waar doe je dat het beste? In The United States of America. De laatste keer (2018) was het om de stemming in Trump country te peilen (Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyomi...
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